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Thursday, February 7, 2008
The biasness of technology
You think technology is neutral .. and can assist in all situations. Think again. You think giving a computer will solve all your problems? Think again !! Think having a computer will solve your management and teaching problems?? It may even be the beginning of your problems ....

We have this simplistic view of naively expecting too much from the computer or any technological gadget we input in any scenario ...

We have this simplistic idea that our existing problems, such as reports, class list, data management as well as the pedagogy in our teaching processes can be solve with technology (whatever ...). Prepare a power point presentation from our existing (and old .. ) notes and we think we have moved mountains .. bah ..

Like I said before, all these gadgets can do nothing - unless they are used in the appropriate and innovative way to assist in addressing our problems. This is one of the biggest problem - WHAT IS THE PROBLEM??

When we introduce any new technology, we must be aware that the way we do things will not remain the same. Did the handphone change the way we can do things ... but was there a limitation? Of course, a remote place that has no communication node will render your hand phone useless ...

Here are a few pointers for us to bear in mind when we are dealing with technology;
  • Every advantage a new technology offers, there is always a corresponding disadvantage
  • Advantages and disadvantages are never distributed evenly across the population
  • Embedded is a powerful idea or ideas that posits a philosophy
  • Technological change is ecological since it changes everything -

    The ecology is often created by the architecture of the physical setting. There is the front and the back of the classroom, with the teacher in front and students at the back. The teacher lectures to the students each day about a particular procedures or topic, which the students sit at the desk and listen and take, notes. Class starts and ends at designated times. It is understood that students have out-of-class learning assignments, and in return for their interaction, participation and feedback, the teacher will assess their learning and give them a grade. Sounds familiar doesn’t it.

    All of a sudden, with ICT which afforded audio and video teleconferencing capabilities, computer-mediated communications and interactive technology, teaching and learning interactions, as we know it today may never be the same again, or is it?

Different technologies also have different biases:

  • intellectuals and emotional - those who are troubled with learning to use the computer will say that it is not necessary to use it ..
  • political - now is a good time to ask for computers as the election is coming up ..
  • sensory
  • social
  • content
Next time you want to implement any technological innovation in your institution or place of work, remember all this issues ... it might explain why things are as they are ... So don't be fooled by a tool . ... yeehaaa ..

posted by Rozhan @ 2/07/2008 01:22:00 AM  
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