eLearning .....? I've had E-Nough!!

This is my version of the whole episode of e-learning .. specifically the LEARNING part and what the 'e' is all about ..


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Saturday, February 2, 2008
I can't take it anymore ..
I can't stand it anymore .. I have to do this. Call me what you like .. but looks like I have to jump on the bandwagon as well ... so here goes another blog about e-learning ..my version, of course.

I have been in open and distance learning for the last 22 years and have been specifically trained as an instructional designer, self-instructional materials (some call it modules) writer as well as the art of story boarding and a few other skills.

I have had the opportunity to apply this since 1986 when self-instructional text was the mainstay (and still is - those who understand the whole concept will agree) in any ODL structure. Then came the incorporation of audio and video cassettes, computer aided instruction (or the many names it is called by ..) and the use of teleconferencing facilities.

Then came the Internet, and all hell broke loose with access to lots of goodies not experienced before ... who cares about teaching using the Internet .. there was too much to salivate on ....

In all, we are just experiencing a change in the medium, just like changing your car from time to time .. or kind of getting a bigger car with more gadgets each time .. to unfortunately carry the same crap ..Ever heard of the expression, "Garbage in, garbage out .." Somehow, by moving to an innovative medium will automatically transform the junk into something new and better ... fat chance ..

Sometimes I find it absolutely comical when I hear people complaining about the 'quality' of education on the Internet, when no one ever bothered to scrutinise the 'quality' of face to face teaching .. We are so bothered whether students actually log online to view our notes when we don't even recognise the 200-odd students in our lecture (face to face) ... such dichotomy .. The funniest thing is that .. it is as though there is someone else to be blamed for what is not working with elearning or whatever learning you care to mention!! Who is to be blamed ?? If a lecture is boring - who made it boring?? If a lecture or teaching experience is captivation, who made it so?? YOU!!

Anyway, enough ramblings for one sitting .. this is my journey into technology and learning that I am going to share with you .. hop on my wagon, and see my views ..yeehaaaa ..

posted by Rozhan @ 2/02/2008 12:41:00 AM  
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