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Sunday, February 3, 2008
Technological advancements
We talk about advancement or innovations in technology .. but what does it mean for us in education?

Firstly, what can advancement in technology afford us? Just take the hand phone that we carry around nowadays. Wow, it would be unthinkable for people to walk around and having a phone with them .. and probably talking on the phone while walking in a crowded street .. it means that the advancement changes the way we can do things ..

So ...
each major transition in communication media, from speech to print to video to electronic forms has resulted in changes in our means to;
  • create
  • record
  • store
  • distribute
  • access and
  • retrieve information

WHAT IT REALLY MEANS IS THAT – There exist a change in the way information is handled – and in EDUCATION, it means that there exist a communication transformation upon a technological breakthrough in education .. communication between the teacher and learner .. no matter what medium is used ..

This is then TRANSLATED into teacher-student interaction !!! We can now do what was thought as NOT possible before .. we have the technology .. in fact, I always say that we have more tools than we know how to use ..

Technology is just a tool and enhancer, an enabler .. which brings us to the million dollar question .. What have you enhanced in your teaching practices?? What have you enabled ?? What (teaching practices) has fundamentally changed ?

or are we doing the same ole' thing .. no matter what new tool you are given??

To put in Dwyer ....

yeehaaaa ...

posted by Rozhan @ 2/03/2008 11:51:00 PM  
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