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This is my version of the whole episode of e-learning .. specifically the LEARNING part and what the 'e' is all about ..


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Thursday, March 27, 2008
Int. J of Excellence in e-Learning
Calling for contribution to the second issue of the Journal. Calling potential contributors .. got something on e-learning that you can share with the rest of the academic world .. yup .. that's me in the middle .. I was appointed as the Chief Editor in October 2007 and the Journal was launched at the e-Learning Excellence in the Middle East 2008 Forum in January 2008 in Dubai, UAE.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008
The disappearing teacher
Traditional lectures or classroom have a certain ecology and culture. We are all too familiar with this culture through years (until today) of schooling. The ecology is often created by the architecture of the physical setting. There is the front and the back of the classroom, with the teacher in front and students at the back.

The physical settings are no longer the main design as technology has brought down the walls of the classroom/lecture room. As knowledge becomes more accessible to learners, the teacher is no longer the main source of information. They are no longer high up on the pedestal. The teacher is somehow disappearing in the classroom .. perhaps not so much as them physically disappearing .. but because the knowledge space and boundary has gotten bigger, much bigger.

However the presence of the teacher/moderator/facilitator is needed all the same as we have no idea of the teachability and learnability of the information found on the Internet.

Although the teacher is somewhat disappearing in the classroom, they re-appear in many forms in many different media and is almost available anytime, anywhere ... the teachers should start to realise this ... otherwise nothing much will change .. yeehaaa...

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008
New learning paradigm
Can't quite pinpoint when a major turnaround came about as far as the talk about a new learning paradigm in the education system is concerned.. anyone?? There has been a steady infusion of technology such as the radio, television, the VCR and the use of video cassettes in schools. I am not sure whether computer aided instructions was widespread in schools but there was a strong attempt to create an impact in universities.

Did it work?? .. dunno, at least not in my university .. Of course, we had the usual committees at University level, department level, departmental representatives and the people from the educational technology unit ... BUT, there is always this BUT issue ... but there was no emphasis on teaching and the use of CAI in lectures .... and further, WHO is going to monitor any progress, effectiveness in teaching or any innovation in teaching in using the CAI. There was no concrete structure to the whole endeavour ... this is very typical in a University, mostly on knee-jerk reaction to something new and afetr a while, we are back to the usual grind ..

Everybody was busy
and the whole concept of the CAI was interjected with meetings and meetings and it still got nowhere and it just died a natural death ... and we were back to the traditional teaching style ... sounds familiar??

The only thins that I can remember that kind of created a major impact was when the Internet came to town .. that was it .. the Internet .. the all hell broke loose ... you know what I mean .. think it was in the early 90s, or was it very, very late 80s (in Malaysia, that is ..) ...

From then on, and in no particular order, major changes were talked about such as from;
  • fixed curricula to personal curricula
  • institutional based to home base learning
  • knowledge transmission to learning facilitation
  • front-end education to lifelong learning
  • classroom study to electronic-based/package
Have we seen any major changes in the learning environment ..?? yeehaaaa ...

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